St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Hanging Coffins, Echo Valley

April 3, 2015

On Good Friday, we visited St. Mary’s Church, an Episcopal/Anglican Church. Apparently, Sagada is predominantly Anglican. The construction of a Catholic church in Sagada is still ongoing.

We were also able to visit Echo Valley and see the Hanging Coffins.


Hanging Coffins Nikko and Janna

Nikko and Janna Echo Valley


Nikko and Janna Echo Valley 2

St. Mary's Anglican Church 2

April 4, 2015

Before leaving for Bontoc, we stopped by Kiltepan viewpoint to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise Kiltepan Nikko and Janna

This was part of our 3-day Sagada-Bontoc-Banaue trip. You may view our itinerary and other details here:

Watch our Sagada-Banaue (Holy Week 2015) Trip Video:

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