Mt. Pamitinan

March 21, 2015

We reached the peak of Mt. Pamitinan after 2 hours of hiking and rock climbing. Mt. Pamitinan is situated in Sitio Wawa, Rogriguez, Rizal, right next to Mt. Binacayan.


Janna and Nikko Peak

Rock Formations

Janna Rock

Janna Rock

Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan

Janna and Nikko Peak

View from Top

Janna Peak

Janna and Nikko Peak

Janna Rock 2

Nikko Rock

With Tour Guide

Janna Trees

Janna and Nikko Balete

Watch our video here:

Budget: P710 for two persons / P355 per person

  • P150 – Gas
  • P20 – Parking
  • P10 – Entrance Fee (2 persons)
    • P5/per person
  • P500 – Tour Guide (Not fixed)
  • P30 – Bottled Water (2 bottles)
    • P15/bottle


  • By Car

         Travel time is around 1.5 hours from Cubao, Quezon City

Some Notes and Tips

  • Wear fingerless gloves as the trail to the summit requires climbing rocks.
  • There are sari-sari stores at the jump-off point.
  • Come early as you might want to check other places of interest in the area: Wawa Dam, Pamitinan Cave, and Mt. Binakayan.
    • We got there at around 2pm and got back to the jump-off point at around 6pm, leaving us no time to explore other parts of the area.

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