Ugu Bigyan Pottery House & Bangihan ni Kuya Restaurant

October 11, 2015

In Tiaong, Quezon, lies the house and secret pottery garden of artist Ugu Bigyan. The garden is available for lunch, which requires an advanced reservation, and barako coffee. It also showcases the artist’s creations, which are available for sale.

Since we weren’t able to make a reservation, we had to have lunch elsewhere. We tried out Bangihan ni Kuya (“Elder Brother’s Grill”), which is located in Candelaria Diversion Road. Their Sinigang na Lechon would make us come back for more!

Ugu Bigyan's House


Barako Coffee

Ugu Bigyan Pottery Garden

Janna Nikko

Ugu Bigyan's Creations


Bangihan ni Kuya Sinigang na Lechon

Bangihan ni Kuya



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