Bukal Falls

March 26, 2016

Hidden in the town of Majayjay, Laguna is an enchanted pond surrounding the Bukal Falls. We say it’s enchanted because its crystal clear, frigid blue waters reminds us of photos of the more popular Enchanted River in Surigao.

To get to the jump-off point, one has to go to the barangay hall of Brgy. Bukal. Entrance fees are just at P25/person, while the services of a tour guide cost P300/group of 5. We got to the jump-off point at around 3pm, and trekked for an hour to reach Bukal Falls. The trail was quite challenging but was manageable even for older people. In fact, Mommy Evette (Janna’s 58-year old mother) had a great time with us. By 6pm, just before sunset, we were already back at where we started.

If you’re also looking for a place to eat, there’s this new restaurant/resort in Lucban, Quezon called Sam Kara, which is just five minutes away from Majayjay, Laguna. We had a Filipino lunch just before going to Brgy. Bukal.


Bukal Falls

Bukal Falls


Bukal Falls

Bukal Falls

Janna Nikko Bukal Falls







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