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Miyajima (Itsukushima Island), Hiroshima, Japan

June 21, 2016

Still part of anniversary was our trip to Miyajima Island in the Hiroshima Prefecture. It is known for the floating Torii gate, which fronts the Itsukushima Shrine and is believed to be the boundary between the spirit and human worlds. The Torii gate is also part of the Three Scenic Views of Japan (just like Amanohashidate). We particularly chose to visit it at low tide, so we could walk around the gate and fly the drone (LOL).

Some scenes of the Wolverine movie were shot in this island, which also has cute deers roving.

Miyajima 001

Miyajima 002

Miyajima 003

Miyajima 004

Miyajima 005

Miyajima 006

Miyajima 007

Miyajima 008

Miyajima 010

Miyajima 011

Miyajima 012

Miyajima 013


Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Japan

June 20, 2016

While looking for places to visit in the Kansai region, we stumbled upon articles on this quiet, little place called Amanohashidate, which is one of the Three Scenic Views of Japan, according to Edo period literary artist and scholar Hayashi Gaho. It is located in Miyazu Bay, northern Kyoto.

From Amanohashidate Station, we had to take a ferry and a monorail to the Kasamatsu Park and do “Matanozoki“ to see the breath-taking view of the heaven’s bridge through an upside down bend. We were also able to bike the 3-km. stretch of the Amanohashidate sandbar. It was good we purchased the Amanohashidate Pass (for just 1400 yen per person!), which already covered the ferry ride, chair lift, bike, and train ride from JR Fukuchiyama station (the farthest covered by our rail pass) to Amanohashidate station.

We highly recommend visiting this place!


Amanohashidate 038

Amanohashidate 037

Amanohashidate 036

Amanohashidate 035

Amanohashidate 032

Amanohashidate 031

Amanohashidate 030

Amanohashidate 029

Amanohashidate 026

Amanohashidate 025

Amanohashidate 022

Amanohashidate 021

Amanohashidate 019

Amanohashidate 018

Amanohashidate 016

Amanohashidate 014

Amanohashidate 013

Amanohashidate 012

Amanohashidate 009

Amanohashidate 007

Amanohashidate 003

Amanohashidate 002

Amanohashidate 001

Kyoto, Japan: Toei Kyoto Studio Park / Toei Uzumasu Eigamura

June 19, 2016

Our rainy second day in Japan was spent at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, which is home to many anime blockbusters (Dragonball, Sailor Moon, and the original Power Rangers), and where around 200 Japanese films are produced every year. The movie theme park also functions as an Edo period film set. In fact, some scenes of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) were shot there.

Kyoto was once known as the Hollywood of Japan. Instead of spending a day at the Universal Studios Osaka, we thought of checking this park out to learn more about Japanese film-making. We were lucky to have been there on a Sunday as there were many shows happening and mascots roaming around. Truly worth every yen ($2200/person) spent!

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 001

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 002

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 003

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 004

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 005

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 006

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 007

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 008

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 009

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 010

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 011

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 012

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 013

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 014

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 015

Kyoto Toei Studio Park 016


Oslob: Whaleshark Watching and Sumilon Island

May 27, 2016

We started our Cebu trip by going to the Cebu South Bus Terminal at around 4A.M. to take an Oslob-bound bus. Fare costs P160 per person.

We asked the conductor to drop us off at Brgy. Tan-awan. There, we were greeted by May-Ann, our contact in Oslob, who took care of tickets for our Whale shark Watching Activity, and our day trip to the Sumilon Island sandbar.

The whale shark is the largest living fish, and swimming with them was a different kind of experience for us. From what we saw, the whale sharks are well taken care of. The municipal officers are strict with rules, and they have marine biologists overseeing everything. However, we can only wish that every visitor interacting with the whale sharks would be as responsible.

After a 30-minute encounter with the whale sharks, we had lunch and prepared for our trip to the Sumilon Island sandbar, which was just a 15-minute boat ride away from Brgy. Tan-awan. We waited until late afternoon for the sandbar to emerge but we had to leave when it was already getting dark. We were able to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Sumilon Island anyway.






Sumilon Drone 002

Sumilon Drone 001

Oslob GoPro 001

Oslob Drone 002

Oslob Drone 001


Mt. Hapunang Banoi

May 14, 2016

Whenever we want to go on a hiking trip but don’t want to travel as far, the province of Rizal is our go-to place. The town of Montalban , which is just an hour away from Cubao, Quezon City, offers different trails going up different mountains, which form part of the Sierra Madre range.

Last Saturday, we hiked Mt. Hapunang Banoi. Just like Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, the jump-off point is at Brgy. Wawa. Entrance fee is at P25/head, while the services of tour guides are at P500/group. The trail is very challenging and would require climbing sharp rocks. It took us probably three hours to reach the summit (which was definitely worth it) and an hour to get down.

Sierra Madre

Mt. Hapunan Banoi

Mt. Hapunan Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mt. Hapunang Banoi


Bukal Falls

March 26, 2016

Hidden in the town of Majayjay, Laguna is an enchanted pond surrounding the Bukal Falls. We say it’s enchanted because its crystal clear, frigid blue waters reminds us of photos of the more popular Enchanted River in Surigao.

To get to the jump-off point, one has to go to the barangay hall of Brgy. Bukal. Entrance fees are just at P25/person, while the services of a tour guide cost P300/group of 5. We got to the jump-off point at around 3pm, and trekked for an hour to reach Bukal Falls. The trail was quite challenging but was manageable even for older people. In fact, Mommy Evette (Janna’s 58-year old mother) had a great time with us. By 6pm, just before sunset, we were already back at where we started.

If you’re also looking for a place to eat, there’s this new restaurant/resort in Lucban, Quezon called Sam Kara, which is just five minutes away from Majayjay, Laguna. We had a Filipino lunch just before going to Brgy. Bukal.


Bukal Falls

Bukal Falls


Bukal Falls

Bukal Falls

Janna Nikko Bukal Falls






Mt. Mamara, Tinapak River, and Tinapak Cave

March 19, 2016

This trip was planned only around six hours before. After going home from movie night, we decided to meet each other early the next day for another hiking trip.

We were supposed to climb Mt. Daraitan but since we woke up late that morning, we got to Brgy. Daraitan at noon, and the tourism office said we couldn’t anymore. Hence, they offered us an alternative, Mt. Mamara.

The Tinipak River and Mts. Daraitan and Mamara are subject of an ongoing boundary dispute between the municipalities of General Nakar, Quezon, and Tanay, Rizal. For now, the municipalities are sharing profit by require separate environmental fees of a minimal amount.

The trail to Mt. Mamara would require crossing the Tinipak River, which is a scene in itself as it has limestone formations reminiscent of those in Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija. When we reached the summit after two hours from Tinipak River, it didn’t feel like Mt. Mamara was just an alternative because of the amazing view it offers, including that of Mt. Daraitan.

After our descent, we passed by the Tinipak Cave, and swam inside. The water was very cold and clear.

If there’s one tip we want to share to others about our trips, it would be to always expect the unexpected and just make the most out of the trip. If by some chance the place you plan to go to is closed, there will always be an alternative; you can just ask around or google.

Watch our video here:

Mt. Mamara

Tinipak River

Tinipak River

Tinipak River

Mt. Mamara

Mt. Mamara

Tinipak Cave

Tinipak Cave

Mt. Mamara Summit


Bantakay Falls

December 26, 2015

The Bantakay Falls, which still forms part of the Quezon National Forest Park, is just magnificent. Our one-hour trek through the cemented trail, and under the rain was truly worth it.

If you need a place to stay in Lucena City, click on the following link for our suggestions: Hotels/Bed and Breakfast/Inns