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MJD Urban Escape Farm

June 7, 2015

Situated in Brgy. Bocohan, Lucena City, Quezon is a 7-hectare farm, where one can buy fresh fruits and veggies, relax, and dine. We got to try out their bestsellers, Sinigang na Baboy, Papayamansi Smoothie, Cucumber Melon Smoothie, and Blueberry Ice Cream, which were all delicious and affordable.

If you need a place to stay in Lucena City, click on the following link for our suggestions: Hotels/Bed and Breakfast/Inns

MJD Farm

MJD Farm


Papaya Calamansi Shake

Sinigang na Baboy


Garden of Herbs



Janna and Nikko

Blueberry Ice Cream


Budget: P570 for two persons or P285 per person

  • Sinigang na Baboy – P320
  • Plain Rice – P28 x 2 = P56
  • Organic Papayamansi Smoothie – P65
  • Organic Cucumber Melon Smoothie – P75
  • Blueberry Ice Cream – P54


  • From Cubao, Quezon City to MJD Urban Escape Farm, Lucena City


Some Notes and Tips:

  • One can buy fruits, vegetables, and plants from the place.
  • The place could cater to big events, too.

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Trolley Ride (a.k.a. Skate System)

The trolley/skate system is a common mode of transportation in rural areas that are near the railroad system. Skates are usually motorized and the ride is truly enjoyable.

We had the chance to rent out a trolley in Brgy. Lutucan, Sariaya, Quezon for just P150 (round-trip) but the fare is usually P10. We told the driver we just wanted to try it out and we really had no destination. Our trip took 45 minutes. It was Nikko’s first time but Janna had been on it a couple of times before.

You need to watch our video below to get a grasp of the trolley system but you’re gonna need to try it to fully appreciate it:


Trolley Change Direction


Railroad Cow

Trolley Ride

Trolley Janna Nikko

Janna Nikko

Janna Nikko Railroad

Railroad Bridge

Trolley Transportation Skate

Budget: P150/2 persons or P75/person

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Majayjay Falls / Taytay Falls / Imelda Falls

May 30, 2015

Majayjay Falls (a.k.a. Taytay Falls and Imelda Falls) is situated in the province of Laguna. We took a side trip to the falls, when we visited our province, Sariaya, Quezon over the weekend. It involved a 10-minute trek, with the scenic view of the Mt. Banahaw, to get to it.

Since it was a Saturday, there were a lot of people but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time swimming in the very cool and clear water.

DENR Protected Area

Mother Daughter

Janna and Nikko

Evette and Janna

Majayjay Falls Janna and Nikko

Majayjay Falls

Clear Water

Majayjay Falls

Hanging Bridge

Mt. Banahaw

Janna and Nikko


Watch our video here:

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Budget: P300/2 persons or P150/person for Gas.

There were no entrance fees or whatsoever. It’s definitely one of the cheapest trips we’ve had.


  • From Sariaya, Quezon to Majayjay, Laguna


Some Notes and Tips:

  • There are sari-sari stores and souvenir shops at the jump-off point.
  • The very cool water could be intimidating but it would take only a minute for your body to get to used to it.

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Hangga Falls / Maapon Falls

May 24, 2015

Hangga Falls / Maapon Falls is a hidden gem of the Quezon province. It is located in the boundary of the towns of Sampaloc and Lucban. One will have to hike for an hour and a half from the Lucban-Sampaloc Road to get to the falls. The trail is still kind of unexplored and we had the falls all to ourselves when we got there. Unlike other places we’ve been to, the area is well-maintained, with clear water and without trash. Also, our tour guide, Kuya Conrad, is a community official or kagawad, so we were confident that we would be safe.

If you need a place to stay in Lucban, click on the following link for our suggestions: Hotels/Bed and Breakfast/Inns


Nikko and Janna Trail

Nikko and Janna

Nikko and Janna Maapon Falls

Nikko and Janna Hangga Falls

Anahaw Janna


Hangga Falls

Hangga Falls

Nikko Trail

Janna Palm Trees


Watch our video here:

Budget: P550/2 persons or P275 per person

P250 – Gas from Sariaya, Quezon to Sampaloc, Quezon

P300 – Tour Guide


  • From Sariaya Quezon, which is our starting point, to Hangga Falls


Some Notes and Tips

  • Bring food and drinks as there are no sari-sari stores in the area.
    • Our tour guide was nice enough to give us mineral water.
  • Wear leggings or pants because one would encounter grass and leaves with razor sharp edges.

Bamboo Organ / St. Joseph’s Church

April 25, 2015

The Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph’s Church is the ONLY bamboo organ in the world. It is also the longest-surviving organ in the Philippines, having been completed by Fr. Diego Cera in 1824. It produces unique beautiful sounds that are soothing to the mind.

Bamboo Organ



St. Joseph's Church

Nikko and Janna Church

St. Joseph



  • Budget: P550/2 persons or P275/person
    • P350 – Gas (From Cubao to Las Pinas)
    • P100/per person – Bamboo Organ Tour


  • Directions (From Cubao to St. Joseph’s Church, Las Pinas)
    • By car


Map to Bamboo Organ


Some Notes and Tips:

  • The museum is currently under renovation.
  • The tour runs from 8AM to 5PM, Mondays to Sundays.
  • They hold a Bamboo Organ Festival every February.

Mt. Pamitinan

March 21, 2015

We reached the peak of Mt. Pamitinan after 2 hours of hiking and rock climbing. Mt. Pamitinan is situated in Sitio Wawa, Rogriguez, Rizal, right next to Mt. Binacayan.


Janna and Nikko Peak

Rock Formations

Janna Rock

Janna Rock

Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan

Janna and Nikko Peak

View from Top

Janna Peak

Janna and Nikko Peak

Janna Rock 2

Nikko Rock

With Tour Guide

Janna Trees

Janna and Nikko Balete

Watch our video here:

Budget: P710 for two persons / P355 per person

  • P150 – Gas
  • P20 – Parking
  • P10 – Entrance Fee (2 persons)
    • P5/per person
  • P500 – Tour Guide (Not fixed)
  • P30 – Bottled Water (2 bottles)
    • P15/bottle


  • By Car

         Travel time is around 1.5 hours from Cubao, Quezon City

Some Notes and Tips

  • Wear fingerless gloves as the trail to the summit requires climbing rocks.
  • There are sari-sari stores at the jump-off point.
  • Come early as you might want to check other places of interest in the area: Wawa Dam, Pamitinan Cave, and Mt. Binakayan.
    • We got there at around 2pm and got back to the jump-off point at around 6pm, leaving us no time to explore other parts of the area.

Angono Art Galleries: Botong Francisco House, Atelier/Nemiranda Arthouse, Balaw Balaw Restaurant

Carlos “Botong” Francisco House (217 Dona Aurora St., Angono, Rizal)

          Botong Francisco is a renowned muralist from Angono, and is a National Artist for painting (“Pambansang Alagad ng Sining“). Some of his great works include Blood Compact, First Mass at Limasawa, and The Invasion of Limahong.

          We were able to visit his house and former studio in Dona Aurora, a street, which displays murals of his masterpieces.

          His grandson, Carlos Francisco II, a.k.a. Totong, is also a painter and uses the place as a gallery. We were greeted by his wife, Jennifer, who also showed us around for free. According to her, Totong also does commission work. You may reach them at +639179531104 / +632-6610598.

If you need a place to stay in Angono, click on the following link for our suggestions: Hotels/Bed and Breakfast/Inns

Botong Francisco House Nikko

Botong Francisco Mural

Dona Aurora Street

Botong Francisco House 2

Botong Francisco House

Botong Francisco Desk

Botong Francisco Memorabilia

Botong Francisco

Janna and Nikko Inside the Botong Francisco House

Inside the Botong Francisco House

Atelier / Nemiranda Art House

          Nemesio “Nemi” Miranda is a modern artist from Angono, Rizal. He is responsible for the mural at the EDSA Shrine, and the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary sculptures, which could be found along the road to Antipolo Church. He turned his home-studio into a restaurant-gallery called Atelier or Nemiranda Art House. One can tour it for P60 (inclusive of lecture). According to our lecturer, Mr. Miranda can also have your portrait made in 20-minutes for P5000.

Atelier Merienda

Atelier 2





Inside Nemiranda Art House




Balaw Balaw Restaurant

          Balaw Balaw Gallery and Restaurant is a Department of Tourism-accredited restaurant in Angono. It showcases works from different artists, and offers mouth-watering native dishes. You should try the boodle-like Minaluto (P250) and the sour Balaw Balaw (P170), which should be enough for two persons.

Balaw Balaw Restaurant



Janna and Painting

Minaluto and Balaw Balaw


  • From Cubao to Botong Francisco House (Dona Aurora Street), Angono, Rizal:

Map to AngonoDetailed Directions

  • From the Botong Francisco House (Dona Aurora Street) to Atelier/Nemiranda Arthouse, and Balaw Balaw Restaurant

Map of Angono Rizal Galleries

Budget: P980/2 persons or P490/person.

  • Gas (QC – Angono – QC) – P200
  • Donation (Botong Francisco House) – P100
  • Atelier / Nemiranda Art House Tour with Lecture – P60/person, or P120 for two.
  • Food
    • Atelier – P130
      • Egg Sandwich – P65
      • Chicken Sandwich – P65
    • Balaw Balaw Restaurant – P550
      • Minaluto – P250
      • Balaw Balaw – P170
      • Guinumis – P65
      • Gayuma – P65

Some Notes and Tips:

  • Angono is considered as the Art Capital of the Philippines. It is also known for the Higantes Festival, held on November 23 of each year.
  • Half a day should be enough to cover most places of interest in Angono, Rizal.
    • You can visit the Blanco Family Museum, too. We were unable to do so as it was already closed when we got there.

Banaue Rice Terraces

April 4, 2015 The 2000-year old Banaue Rice Terraces is considered as the 8th Wonder of the World.

This was part of our 3-day Sagada-Bontoc-Banaue trip. You may view our itinerary and other details here: https://couplemeetsworld.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/sagada/

If you need a place to stay in Banaue, click on the following link for our suggestions: Hotels/Bed and Breakfast/Inns

Janna Banaue Rice Terraces

Janna and Nikko Banaue Rice Terraces

Nikko Banaue Rice Terraces

Janna and Nikko in Front of Banaue Rice Terraces

Watch our Sagada-Banaue (Holy Week 2015) Trip Video:


Sagada, Mountain Province is famous for its hanging coffins, falls, and caves.  We were able to explore this quaint town during the Holy Week of 2015.

You can find the details of our trip below:

Budget: P5000 per person

  • Public/Shared Group Tour Package – P3060
    • TRIPinas Travel and Tour Ventures
      • Inclusions:
        • Round-trip Aircon Van: Manila – Sagada – Banaue – Manila
      • 2-night accommodation in Rock Inn, Sagada (Dormitory-type rooms)
      • Entrance fees and guides for Aguid Rice Terraces-Bomod-ok Falls Trekking, Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins
  • Lumiang Cave and Sumaguing Cave (Cave Connection) Entrance fees and Guide fees – P400
  • Food for 9 meals – P1350
    • Breakfast, Lunch Dinner for 3 days
    • Approximately P150 per meal
  • Souvenirs/Miscellaneous  – P210

For the Tour Package, we got in touch with TRIPinas Travel and Tour Ventures.

Below is their standard itinerary:

Day 0
2000 Departure from Manila (Quezon City)

Day 1
0800 Breakfast
1000 Start of walking tour: Sagada Weaving, St. Mary’s church, Ganduyan Museum, Echo Valley,  and Hanging Coffins
1200 Lunch
1330 Continuation of the walking tour.
1700 Dinner
2000 End of day 1 activities

Day 2
0600 Breakfast
0700 ETD for Bomod-ok Falls
0800 Start of trek to the falls
1200 Lunch
1300 ETD for the caves – start of cave adventure (entrance fee at client’s account)
1600 End of cave adventure; return to inn
1800 Dinner

Day 3
0500 Check out from inn
0530 Sunrise watching at Kiltepan View Point

0630 ETD from Sagada
0830 Photo stop at Bontoc Rice Terraces
0900 Breakfast at Mt. Polis
1100 Photo stop at Banaue Rice Terraces
1200 Lunch at Nueva Vizcaya
1300 Departure to Manila
2000 ETA Manila (Quezon City)

          However, due to the number of tourists in Sagada on Holy Week, the travel agency had to tweak the order of the activities. We also had to bear with the tardiness of other travel group members but fortunately, we were able to cover all the activities promised by the above-mentioned itinerary.

Some Notes and Tips:

  • Bring enough cash. There is only one ATM in Sagada, which is sometimes offline.
  • Bring headlights for caving. You may also purchase a rechargeable one from the Rust & Wood Restaurant and Store, which is near the jump-off point. We got ours for P180.
  • Make time for the Ganduyan Museum visit. You will learn a lot about Sagada’s history and culture from its owner/curator.
  • We recommend the following souvenirs (pasalubong):
    • Bugnay Wine
    • Wild Blueberry Jam
    • Sagada Arabika Coffee
    • Muscovado Sugar
    • Black Rice

Watch our Sagada-Banaue (Holy Week 2015) Trip Video:

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St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Hanging Coffins, Echo Valley

April 3, 2015

On Good Friday, we visited St. Mary’s Church, an Episcopal/Anglican Church. Apparently, Sagada is predominantly Anglican. The construction of a Catholic church in Sagada is still ongoing.

We were also able to visit Echo Valley and see the Hanging Coffins.


Hanging Coffins Nikko and Janna

Nikko and Janna Echo Valley


Nikko and Janna Echo Valley 2

St. Mary's Anglican Church 2

April 4, 2015

Before leaving for Bontoc, we stopped by Kiltepan viewpoint to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise Kiltepan Nikko and Janna

This was part of our 3-day Sagada-Bontoc-Banaue trip. You may view our itinerary and other details here: https://couplemeetsworld.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/sagada/

Watch our Sagada-Banaue (Holy Week 2015) Trip Video: