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Balatoc Mines Tour

June 13, 2015

We became miners for a day through the Benguet Corporation Balatoc Mines Tour, which is the first and only mining attraction in the Philippines. Aside from seeing actual equipment used by gold miners in the 1950’s, we were able to go inside the Vegas Tunnel. The highlight of the tour was witnessing an actual dynamite explosion and experiencing a blast/shock wave.

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Janna and Nikko

Balatoc Mines Tour

Balatoc Mines

Janna Drilling

Janna Balatoc Mines

Toilet Car


Vegas Tunnel

Nikko Vegas Tunnel

Janna Vegas Tunnel

Miners for a day

This was part of our 24-hour Manaoag-Tuba-Baguio-Itogon itinerary, which you can see by clicking this link: Manaoag-Benguet 24-hour Itinerary.

Watch our video below:


  • Tour – P500 per 2 persons / P250 per person
  • Jeepney fare from Baguio City – P100 per two persons, round-trip / P25 per person per way.


  • By Jeepney
    • From the terminal in Petron, Harrison Road (see map below), ride a jeepney, which is headed to Acupan. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Balatoc Mines, which is approximately 12 kms. from the terminal.

Map Petron Harrison

Some Notes & Tips:

  • The site opens at 8:00 am, while the last call for the tour is at 2:30 pm.
  • You will be provided with a hard hat and safety boots.

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Trolley Ride (a.k.a. Skate System)

The trolley/skate system is a common mode of transportation in rural areas that are near the railroad system. Skates are usually motorized and the ride is truly enjoyable.

We had the chance to rent out a trolley in Brgy. Lutucan, Sariaya, Quezon for just P150 (round-trip) but the fare is usually P10. We told the driver we just wanted to try it out and we really had no destination. Our trip took 45 minutes. It was Nikko’s first time but Janna had been on it a couple of times before.

You need to watch our video below to get a grasp of the trolley system but you’re gonna need to try it to fully appreciate it:


Trolley Change Direction


Railroad Cow

Trolley Ride

Trolley Janna Nikko

Janna Nikko

Janna Nikko Railroad

Railroad Bridge

Trolley Transportation Skate

Budget: P150/2 persons or P75/person

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Bamboo Organ / St. Joseph’s Church

April 25, 2015

The Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph’s Church is the ONLY bamboo organ in the world. It is also the longest-surviving organ in the Philippines, having been completed by Fr. Diego Cera in 1824. It produces unique beautiful sounds that are soothing to the mind.

Bamboo Organ



St. Joseph's Church

Nikko and Janna Church

St. Joseph



  • Budget: P550/2 persons or P275/person
    • P350 – Gas (From Cubao to Las Pinas)
    • P100/per person – Bamboo Organ Tour


  • Directions (From Cubao to St. Joseph’s Church, Las Pinas)
    • By car


Map to Bamboo Organ


Some Notes and Tips:

  • The museum is currently under renovation.
  • The tour runs from 8AM to 5PM, Mondays to Sundays.
  • They hold a Bamboo Organ Festival every February.